Sunday, March 05, 2006

Portland, Or

I am completely knackered (that's English for tired to the extreme). I've been from London to New York, to Denver, to Portland Oregon and I'm now at the airport waiting for the "red-eye" to Chicago then to New York and finally to Boston where I stay for 2 days before flying back to London.

Anyway, I had the day "off" today and drove out to Mt. Hood about 50 miles east of Portland. It is stunning, the scenery is just increadable. I had a lot of photos in mind before I set out but nearly 3 metres (9 feet) of snow and the fact that I had only work shoes put pay to that. Instead I drove around the national park and stopped off to "snap" the odd photo.

I'm going to add the details of the photos later but I've only got 20 minutes before I head off to security for my flight.

Mt. Hood (11,239ft) in infrared

Mt. Adams (12,307ft)

Mt. Adams (as above) but in infrared


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