Friday, December 23, 2005

No. 25 bus, a great place to sleep

It's been quiet for a while, at least on my blog. Life didn't stop, it just got rather busy with Christmas parties in the City, if I wasn't out partying I was either nursing a hangover or looking after the kids. All in all rather a busy two weeks leading up to Christmas.
I left one do to dash off to get the last tube missing it by minutes. My logic at the time was to take the No. 25 bus to Oxford Circus where I would have probably got another bus or a taxi home. Being rather late and having had several beers I fell asleep on the bus waking up in Ilford (where ever the hell that is!). The logical way back into London is of course the No. 25 bus. This happened several times, the only reason I know is because the electronic travel passes in London record where you've been so I was able to display my travels once I came too (in Ilford again) at about 7am.
So, here it is, the No. 25 bus at Monument, guess where it's going. I took this a few days later on my way to a party at the top of the "Girkin" (the smaller photo below).

Details: Monument, City of London
21/12/05, 18:38
Canon 20D, ISO-400, RAW
1 sec @ f11
20-35mm 2.8L @ 20mm
Supported on a railing

The "Girkin" or Swiss Re building, built on the sight of the 1992 Baltic Exchange bomb. This is what Londoners were used to before the so called Al-Quaida terrorists, 100 pounds of Semtex flattened a large area of St Mary Axe were the Girkin now stands, thanks to Swiss Re we now have a worthy monument to replace the Exchange.

And this is part of the view you get from the top...

Details: View from the top of the Swiss Re building, City of London
21/12/05, 23:09
Canon 20D, ISO-1600, RAW
1/15 sec @ f2.8
20-35mm 2.8L @ 35mm


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