Monday, April 27, 2009

Brecon Mountains

Just back from Tel Aviv I left the next morning for Wales with two of my old (increasingly old) uni friends. We see each other reasonably often and used to go for drinking weekends once or twice a year but as we get older we have started to add a little activity into our drinking. This was slightly on the extreme side but it was a great weekend, in the end we walked over 20 miles (some 35km) and climbed well over 2000 feet (600m). The most painful part was the very uneven surface so our feet felt like we'd been run over by a large truck. The weather looks good in the photos but I didn't take a single photo for the first two hours, that was during the 45knt wind, sleet and hail.

Looking back over the ridge we'd walked along.

Simon Riggs (left) and Steve Miller stopping to admire the view during a brief spell of sunshine.

I think the question was "should we crack on or call it a day?"

Simon (left) and Steve (right) with a couple of crazy mountain bikers in the background, why they weren't freezing solid I don't know.

Brace yourself for another shower... On the way down, just 12 miles to go.


Blogger John T said...

Yeah - those are a bit better than the iphone pics! lol. Looks beautiful there, I need to find an excuse to get across the pond one of these days!

29 April, 2009 12:43  

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