Sunday, April 12, 2009

A very warm Easter

It's been one of the warmest Easters I can remember, admittedly I'm not in England but I'm not that far away in Alsace and it's been well into the mid 20Cs (high 70s F). I've got three photos below, the first was taken late on Thursday afternoon (9th April 2009), the exposure was 1 second at f22 on my 16-35mm 2.8L II at 23mm. I don't usually shoot at f22 as diffraction starts to degrade the quality of the image but I needed the one second exposure. All three were using a 1Ds MkIII.

The second was taken near to the top of Monte Ste Odile, we were walking in the forest very close to where an Airbus A320 crashed in January 1992, many of the 87 victims died of cold in the 4 hours it took to find them dense forest. We saw the site itself which is well marked with a monument to the victims, it's strange to stand on the site of a major plane crash. The area also has an ancient Roman wall some 10km long called the "Mur Paien".

Finally a local lake, the Helmbacher in Benfeld, we often take the children swimming here in the summer, I'm sure the ice only recently melted but my boys were up to their shorts in the freezing water. This was a one minute exposure at f5.6 in infrared (hoya 72R) about 30 minutes before sunset. This was with my 24-105 f4L at 32mm. I would have preferred my 16-35mm lens but I still can't find an 82mm IR filter for that lens.


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