Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ye Olde British Pub

I went to the most wonderful old pub on Sunday, old is an understatement, its over 900 years old in fact, just imagine the Normans probably stopped off here for a quick pint after battle. King Charles II hid here in 1651 during the civil war, he was on his way to France where his mother came from. Being part French, he was into mistresses (literally), he acknowledged seven of them who bore fourteen children between them. Given his position I seriously doubt he stopped at seven though. It's interesting to note that both Princess Di and Camilla are direct decendents of Charles' illegitimate sons. For the American readers, Charles II was the king who kicked the Dutch our of New Amsterdam and renamed it New York after his brother.

Enough history, this is probably one of the most wonderful pubs I've ever been to, excellent beer, excellent food and wine, friendly staff and tucked deep in the country surrounded by walks.

Details: The Royal Standard of England, Beaconsfield, UK
27/11/05, 13:53
Canon 20D, ISO-1600, RAW
1/15 secs @ f4.0
20-35 2.8L @ 20mm
Hand held

Finally this was taken just after lunch, the sun sets shortly after 4pm so there was very little light, add to that the fact that I had two boys running around and third in a push-chair covered in mud and I think it was a remarkably good photo.

Details: Forty Green, Beaconsfield, UK
27/11/05, 15:56
Canon 20D, ISO-100, RAW
0.8 secs @ f2.8
20-35 2.8L @ 25mm
Hand held against a tree


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