Friday, July 14, 2006

Face painting

Shame on me, I intended to write to this blog roughly weekly and it's been several months since I list posted anything. It's not as if I've stopped taking photos it's just that I've either not had the time to process them for web consumption or just simply not been connected to the internet with enough time to spare to post the photos.

These photos aren't necessarily in chronological order but you're hardly going to know the difference, the important thing is to get some photos up here again and wake this blog up from it's sleepy state.

These photos were taken a few weeks ago, my boy's school held a fate one rather hot evening in late June. I had the three boys to watch on my own so didn't really get much change to take photographs. I was pleased with these results though, the sun was getting lower in the sky and the light starting to get that nice warm evening glow.

Finally James, this was before England lost. Since my boys are half French it was pretty easy for them to switch alegence to France, that got them just a little further.


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