Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Kit flying on the beach

I took this photograph a month or so ago. I didn't really intend to post "old" photographs on this blog but I played around with this one on the tube this evening on the way home so it's not really old in that sense. The larger is the "new" version from PaintShop Pro and the smaller is the original. All I did was to select the kite and gray the rest of the photo.

Details: Climping, UK
02/10/05, 15:46
Canon 20D, ISO-100, RAW
1/1250 secs @ f9.0
70-200 2.8L @ 115mm
hand held

The original...


Blogger Marius Muscalu said...

nice photo...first one...

27 October, 2005 22:07  
Blogger traveller one said...

I really love your blog! You have some lovely shots (esp. of your kids!) and I think the nature shots are also beautiful. I'm linking to you.

28 October, 2005 18:13  
Anonymous Angela said...

You have some great shots here, love this one!

03 November, 2005 09:45  

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