Saturday, August 05, 2006

Last day of vacation

Damn, it's over already, off on the train back to London tomorrow. Pretty much all the photos you see here, posted in the last two weeks were taken during my (short) two week vacation in Charmouth. They are definitely not my best photos but bare in mind that I had my three young boys running at the same time so virtually every photo was taken hand held with one eye on the viewfinder and the other on the boys, not easy I can assure you.

I'm off to Boston on Monday, New York on Wednesday, back to London on Thursday then off for a few days in France with the boys on Saturday. I get back from France on Tuesday evening and leave for San Francisco on Wednesday morning, Boston the following Monday, New York at the end of the week, back to Boston and then London. Business as usual!

Boy, I'm looking forward to leaving this place, I hate nice quiet holidays by the sea. :-)

A walk in the forest

Well, that's it, two weeks just gone like that. Amongst other things we went for a late afternoon walk in a local forest. The boys loved it, we tried out our new bow and arrows (home made like Robin Hood) and searched for bugs, what more could 3 young boys want?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Rock Pipit

There are a lot of Pipits here, this one is a rock pipit.

Bridport hill top

This is a rather unusual hill top, you can see it form miles. The photo (below) is just the very top but it is really a rather steep hill with this little clump of trees on the top. If anyone's interested the Google map location is roughly here... Google maps

Jurassic coast

The Jurrasic coast is a world heritage site, it's stunning. One of the reasons I chose this as a holiday spot for the boys was that come rain or shine they can go down to the beach and hunt for fossils. They have now collected so many stones and rocks I wonder if the beach is going to be there next year, most of it is in the garage of the cottage we're staying in.

Luc and James


Not one of my boys but it looked good, taken into the afternoon sun

Monks eat swans!

The other day I took the boys off the Abbotsbury swannery. These swan were originally raised to feed the monks in the abbot some 600 years ago. Of course there's an abbot to see but we've got those all over the UK, today we went to see the swans.

Relaxing at the beach...

This has got to be the town with the best name in the world (clean name at least). Beer! We took a long walk up and down the beach after our icecreams, it was a long day.

Another walk

The weather here (Dorset/Devon, UK) has been amazing, especially for an English summer holiday. We've missed the heatwave in London and settled for high 20s (C) (mid 80s (F)). I saw this nature reserve on the map and took the boys for a morning walk...


My mother with the boys...

Check out the liken on these old trees