Saturday, October 29, 2005

Out west

A very quick post since I'm on someone else's computer and I believe breakfast is ready :-). I'm out west (Pewsey) with my three boys to visit an old friend. The weather is typically autumnal, with a mixture of warm, cold, sunny and rainy days. I took the day off work yesterday since it's half term for the boys (a weeks holiday), between showers we managed a short walk in the local woods. Between trying to stop them finding every little bit of mud and wollowing in it I managed a few photographs. I have two photos for you today, an "Ink Cap" todstool and some rather colourful leaves.

Details: Pewsey, UK
29/10/05, 17:08
Canon 20D, ISO-100, RAW
1/60 secs @ f4.0
28-70 2.8L @ 70mm (macro setting)
hand held with fill-in flash at -1.0 EV

Details: Pewsey, UK
29/10/05, 16:59
Canon 20D, ISO-100, RAW
1/80 secs @ f3.2
28-70 2.8L @ 70mm
hand held


Blogger Tirza said...

I really like your pictures. You manage to capture the beauty of seasons, places and people. I loved especially the pictues of your sons, you managed to show their character throguh your camera.

I enjoy photographing myself. i hope you can visit my site too.


01 November, 2005 07:08  

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