Tuesday, November 01, 2005

New York - jetlagged

So, a new week and I'm in New York for a spot of work. I had a great flight over with Virgin in Upper Class, the only way to fly. I checked in at about 1am on Monday morning and got a full 4 hours sleep. After an 11 hour day, a quick meal (at least 50% beer) I finally had a little time to use my trusty 20D. Given it was 9:30pm locally my body was somewhere between 2:30 and 3:30am (due to the recent clock change).
Sadly I didn't bring my tripod so I had to knock the ASA up to 400 to get these shots without camera-shake, something I don't really like doing having spent decades with PAN-F and Velvia (25 and 40 ASA).

My hotel is right next to Grand Central Station, one of the most spectacular buildings in this great city. I've messed around with this one using my new PhotoShop CS2, this should appeal to the American viewers.

Details: Grand Central Station, NY, USA
31/10/05, 21:24
Canon 20D, ISO-400, RAW
1/15 secs @ f2.8
20-35 2.8L @ 29mm
hand held

The original...


Blogger Trey said...

Excellent photo!

14 November, 2005 01:49  

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