Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Late night in Time Square

Another evening in New York, we started a little later this time and wondered down to Soho to find something good to eat. Sadly we found one of the most unauthentic Thai meals I've ever eaten (on Spring St.), it was OK but like the waiters, not very Thai.
I stopped off at Time Square to take a few photos before wondering back to my hotel. I know New York probably was well as London, I lived in the US for over a year and have been back and forth almost monthly for well over a decade.

New York is a special city and there are things that I think of as being uniquely New Yorkesque, one of my favourites is the steam rising out of the streets in the winter, it's not quite winter yet but there's steam all the same. This was on 45th St. and Broadway. I had to step up to 400 ASA again to avoid flash or camera shake.

Details: 45th and Broadway, NY, USA
01/11/05, 23:48
Canon 20D, ISO-400, RAW
1/30 secs @ f5.6
20-35 2.8L @ 20mm
hand held


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