Sunday, November 13, 2005

It's my birthday!

Another year and I'm now 41, yicks! The boys woke me up at 8am and spent about an hour bouncing around on my bed telling me it was my birthday. It's lovely waking up with the boys but not at 8am on a Sunday, at least I didn't have a hangover.

Three photos for you today. The sun was out most of the day and I has seen a shot the previous day that I wanted to get in sunlight. This is a small memorial kept by the local scouts, being rememberence Sunday there are "fresh" poppies. I rather over exposed this which, with digital, is about the worse thing you can do. I didn't have a huge choice though, I took some test shots and then this one, the problem is that the sun suddenly came out about 5 seconds into the 30 second shot.

Details: Lammas Park, London, UK
13/11/05, 14:46
Canon 20D, ISO-400, RAW
30 seconds @ f2.8
20-35 2.8L @ 20mm + Hoya 72R (infrared filter)

Same scene in "normal" light

As above but at 1/160th @ f6.3 and no filter

The next is a little strange. I moved to Ealing about 3 years ago, we live wonderfully close to two parks (Lammas and Walpole), for London it's nice to have so many birds, squirrels and foxes but there is one thing I did not expect. West London is slowly being over run by wild parrots, they are a ell of a lot prettier than pigeons for sure by they make a hell of a noise and when my children don't wake me up the parrots do, either way its a lot of squawking!
Over the years I've mentioned these parrots to many people and many simply don't believe we have parrots in Ealing. So, here they are, the first photo is a siluet of about half a dozen of them against the rising moon.

Details: Lammas Park, London, UK
13/11/05, 15:53
Canon 20D, ISO-400, RAW
1/1000 sec @ f5.6
300mm 2.8L
Hand held

The second is a "close up" of one in a tree. I say "close up" but it was a good 10-12m (30-35') away, I had a 300mm lens. I used a fill-in flash to pick him out from the background sky. They seem to like eating the seed pods of this tree, sadly I've no idea what it is but if I find out I'll edit this post.
For those that want to know more about this "parrot" in fact it's called a "ring-necked Parakeet", there's more on the RSPB web site.

Details: Lammas Park, London, UK
13/11/05, 15:59
Canon 20D, ISO-400, RAW
1/60 sec @ f5.6
300mm 2.8L
Hand held


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nice pictures, and happy birthday.

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