Friday, November 11, 2005

Infrared photography - attempt 1

I was hoping for a little sunshine this afternoon to try out my new infrared filter. The best we got today was about 10 minutes of sun spread into 10 second intervals over about 4 hours. Still determined I set out in the cool, blustery autumn weather to at least try a few shots. One huge advantage digital has over "classic" photography is that you get to see the results in seconds and can correct for exposure. Infrared photography is where this comes into its own, there is just no way to work out what the correct exposure should be. Firstly you see absolutely nothing through the view-finder with the filter on and then the camera tells you you should be using something totally different (usually about 5 stops to dark). With a bit of experimentation I managed to get the right setting, it was about 30-45 minutes before sunset and about 95% cloudy with a strong wind. I used 100ASA a 72R filter and 3 minutes at F2.8, this is what I got...

Details: Lammas Park, Ealing, UK
11/11/05, 15:37
Canon 20D, ISO-100, RAW
100 secs @ f2.8 (1 minute, 40 seconds)
20-35 2.8L @ 20mm + Hoya 72R (infrared filter)

Here's the above in "normal" light...

As above but 1/80th secs @ f4.5 (no filter)

Details: Lammas Park, Ealing, UK
11/11/05, 16:00
Canon 20D, ISO-100, RAW
180 secs @ f2.8 (3 minutes!)
20-35 2.8L @ 24mm + Hoya 72R (infrared filter)

Here's the above in "normal" light...

As above but 1/10th secs @ f2.8 (no filter)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

John, I have had mixed results with my 20D because of the horribly long exposure times required. I have done some local shots last weekend using ISO 1600 60-sec but the graininess is bad.

Your shot of the tree stump is really beautiful. I find it hard to get that kind of sharpness!


21 September, 2006 18:06  

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