Saturday, November 19, 2005

A frosty start to the day

For about a week now we've woken up to frost, this isn't unusual in south east England in November but a week of frost is not so common especially this early in November. The meteorological office has forcast a harsh winter this year so this looks like the start of it.

I took these late in the morning after taking my boys to French school (they go on Saturday mornings).

Details: Walpole Park, Ealing, UK
19/11/05, 11:00
Canon 20D, ISO-100, RAW
1/60 secs @ f3.2
28-70 2.8L @ 50mm
Hand held

Details: Walpole Park, Ealing, UK
19/11/05, 11:13
Canon 20D, ISO-100, RAW
1/100 secs @ f4.0
28-70 2.8L @ 37mm
Hand held

Just in case you're interested these photographs are all taken at 8 mega-pixels, that's 3504 X 2336, this is the full size zoom of the above photograph. I can't upload the originals because they'd use up too much space, if anyone's interested though I can provide them in full glory.


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